Here at The Patriot Insurance Agencies of Texas, we take pride in finding you the best homeowners policy for your money. We also do auto insurance!  Please take a look through the site.  We can get you a quote by the click of a button though our Quote form page!

     From Homeowners to auto insurance, we write it all here at the Patriot Insurance agencies.  We take pride in our company and we put a lot of effort in our work to provide, you, the customer with the best overall experience.  With over 100 years of combined experience in the insurance industry, you can trust us to do an outstanding job.  

We have three locations serving Texas.  Our Houston office is our primary office and handles the city of Houston and its surrounding areas.  Our new offices in Dallas & Denton serves the entire metroplex area and the surrounding communities.  If you are buying a home, we will write you the best policy for your money.  Our rates are very competitive.

                                                       Agency Personal Information

David Summerlin - David is a founding partner with approximately 28 years of insurance experience.  He specializes in writing homeowners policies and investment properties primary by focusing on mortgage company alliances.  David is also the agency contact for commercial insurance.  He often travels between both of our locations in Houston and Dallas.

Larry Summerlin - Larry is one of our new guys with a year under his belt.  He is the one who is going to bring our company into the technological era.  Larry resides in our North Dallas office and plans to focus on writing all types of policies.

Clayton Summerlin - Clayton is another one of our new guys.  His focus is to sell homeowners and auto insurance for the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

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